Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Broken Heart and Raspy Voice: The California Fires

I am so so heartbroken for all the people who have lost their homes this month in the California fires. The flames were visible from my parents' neighborhood, 45 miles south of the fire in Paradise. My heart ached as I drove up to the MAXED OUT Butte County Fairgrounds Evacuation Center. I pray and pray that the firefighters can extinguish the remaining flames and return safely to their families, despite many losing homes themselves.

Singers, we all know that the smoke is bad, but did you know that the pollutants and smoke in the air is the equivalent of smoking 8 to 10 cigarettes (if you're outside without a mask all day). Scary!

Please, please, please care for your bodies and voices. Know that if you become ill, you're unable to help others, and many will need help in the weeks to come. Here are some tips on keeping the voice healthy:

I will keep praying for safety. Take care of yourselves, little singers, and I'll have more to talk about soon!

~ Liesl

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