Sunday, March 4, 2018

Everyday Adventures

Hello readers and welcome to 2018!

I am so ashamed at the length of time I've let pass without writing about my goings-on. It's already March, I've already performed in two operas this year, and working on a third, plus some scenes, and a concert for April (okay, I'll let myself off the hook for not posting on here... but still). With the world in such disarray right now, it's good to be a musician. I turn to art to improve my life, to warm my soul, to experience humanity in a positive light. Today we have many fears, plenty of anger, and far too much stress. Music is our place to commune, to experience spirituality for some, to be part of a group for others, and for a few, to be in solitude and peace. I am so thankful to be part of that part of many people's lives, whether through the operas I perform in, the church music that I facilitate (but am eternally grateful to those who surround me to make this music actually happen), and the music I teach to others, from the very young to the very old.

Maria Callas, Source: Google Images
I want to take this time to inform you all of upcoming projects. I have already put a good deal of information out on my various social media accounts as well as my personal website.

March 30th - An outreach concert at Stanford Hospital with David Lewis and friends. We will perform various spring selections for the patients for the noon concert in the hospital atrium.

April 11th - Yuba Sutter Youth Chorus Performance. Music sung by the local kids from cultures around the world.

April 13th - Not only will I turn a WHOPPING 30 years old this day (I know, I should shut up...) but I will be singing Mutts in Mutts and Maribel again at St. Matthew's Episcopal, where I used to teach. Unfortunately, this is not open to the public, but I'm putting it on here anyway for my faculty friends.

April 15th - I am singing with Sing for America, a very cool concert with many singers, all raising funds for the charity near and dear to their hearts. Proceeds will go to the many non-profit organizations listed on their website. My page is listed below. There you can make donations, or simply read more about the project.

April 27th - Arias from Carmen with the Yuba College Concert Band in Linda, CA. More details will be available soon. 
May 20th & 27th - Cimarosa's Secret Marriage with Pocket Opera. This adorable show features myself as Carolina, Jonathan Smucker as my secret husband, Paolino, Larry Venza as my father Gernimo, and Autumn Allee as my sister, Elisetta. It should be a ton of fun and I hope you will come out to see it.

Summer is uncharted territory right now, but I have begun plans for an August concert honoring the late, great Leonard Bernstein on his 100th Birthday! An amazing program will come to fruition soon, as I have already heard from a few of my regular volunteers!

Thank you all, and have a wonderful Spring season!!


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