Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Life's a Beach!

I have been incredibly busy these past few weeks and it just doesn't seem to let up much! I wanted to write a reflection on Sunday evening after a gig with Pocket Opera, but I was too exhausted and decided I would just chill for the night.

I am making an effort to write more and include people in my day to day life, mainly because I so rarely get to see my loved ones, and also so that I can get people to come to my performances -- If I don't tell you when they are, how can I expect an audience?

I have so much gratitude in my heart after Sunday's mini-performance at the senior home in Daly City. I, of course, am grateful to be taking home paychecks from my singing, you know I have never "given up my daydream" -- but really, I was SO grateful for the joy that was brought to the residents. Peninsula Del Rey is a retirement home/community with residents who are pretty mobile, not so much a skilled nursing facility, but seeing how much they had fun at the performance made every minute of practice worth it. I loved meeting an older opera singer (with whom one of my friends studied some years ago), and hearing how much she just loved our group and that it was her favorite group to sing with - even compared to SF Opera! But she had fun! And THAT is why I make music. THAT is why I do what I can to bring in audiences and fundraising money for a company like Pocket Opera. Young artists, like myself, can earn money and the community is a better place at the end of the day because MUSIC MAKES PEOPLE HAPPY. And that counts for A LOT in today's world.

So, to all of you who have helped me make the world a better place, thank you. This is a gentle reminder to go out there and make the world happier, kinder, and more musical.


P.S. Sing For America donations are coming in, but I'd love to see my meter rise!! Small donations of $5 or $10 can really add up http://give.classy.org/pocketoperaSFA

P.P.S. Just started reading #GirlBoss and I absolutely LOVE it. And I'm aware that I am late to the game with this book. (Below is an affiliate link. It costs nothing for you and can help me earn a tiny bit) If you don't already use Kindle, Audible, or Overdrive (free!!!) apps, definitely check it out there! I'm thinking I better amp up my game with the workbook soon...

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