Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Back to the Grind 2017!

Hello Dear Friends,

January 2017!? How can it be? Alas, I am already in the throes of several new projects, have returned from an amazing conference/workshop in San Diego, and working on my New Year's resolution to be more forgiving and accepting of myself.

It's been hard keeping up with all these projects, but through it all, I am managing to stay sane and healthy! (Knock on wood, I've heard there is an awful flu going around, I plan to keep up with my regimen of netipot and probiotics and lots of sleep). The conference this last weekend was on wellness, yoga, alexander technique, and holistic health for singers. Could there be anything more "up my alley"? I had a great experience singing in Mark Moliterno's masterclass for Yogavoice. I have worked with Mark a couple of times in the past, and became friends with him while I was studying at Westminster. I always come away from sessions with him with very positive ideas, relaxed, and ready to sing. This experience was no different!

I am eager to try some of the new ideas in my voice studio. There was a lot of great information about spinal alignment and several ways to address it in your singers. I know many people have a hard time grasping what "good posture" looks like, and this workshop offered several ideas on how to remove rigidity from a singer's body, and allow it to be free to make music! I had a blast.

Coming up in the near future, I will be singing at Pocket Opera's annual gala. They are celebrating their 40th Season this year! I am blessed to be part of these fun productions! Then this February, I will again join Cappella SF to sing the Pulitzer Prize winning Anthracite Fields with Bang on a Can Orchestra, as part of UC Berkeley's concert series. I continue to sing with the San Francisco Symphony Chorus, in one of my favorite works of all time: Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Not only does it have one of the most memorable melodies in the world, but it conveys the most important message (much needed in today's world) - that we are all kin, and humankind's connection with one another is our connection with God, or a greater being than ourselves.

I look forward to sharing more about these upcoming performances as the season moves ahead - until then: Tschüss!!

A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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