Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Festivities!

WOW! Amazing start to the concert season/finale of the summer season! I'm not quite sure which it was, since it all seemed to blur together!

Our Community Backpack Drive raised around $500 for local school children needing backpacks! We had a great time and support from the parishioners at CLC. I was so proud of that project and I sincerely hope to bring more fundraisers like that to the church.

Sondheim's Company at the Acting Company in Yuba City was also an honor to be a part of! That fundraiser was able to bring in close to $10,000 for the local theater and funding for the children's theater program! I am so happy that my hometown community has such a strong sense of support for the arts and arts education for young people! It's SO SO important!

Drive a Person Crazy, Sondheim's Company

Upon returning to my Bay Area life, I jumped right into SF Symphony Chorus' Fall season with Verdi's Te Deum. What a treat! I am excited to participate in four more concerts with SFSC this year. Intermingled with those rehearsals, were the rehearsals for Cappella SF's Immortal Fire: A Tribute with Voices and Organ. WHAT. AN. AWESOME. CHOIR. It was some of the hardest work I have EVER done in a choir and it was fantastic. I had the honor of singing the soprano solo in Britten's Hymn to St. Cecilia. So much gorgeous music, it was a shame to only get to perform it twice! If you didn't make it to either of those performances, I will be singing with CSF again in February for Anthracite Fields,  a very modern, almost rock-inspired, choral song cycle. I will definitely be posting more information as it is given to me.

Now that I'm back to routine, I have my studio kids to teach, my choir to direct, and the Holiday concert season to look forward to!

Please check out my calendar for details about performances!

Happy Fall!!

A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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