Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School!

I can't believe it - it's already September! Kids are back, lots of wild noise is echoing through my hallway and I'm getting ready for teaching kindergarteners and second graders today.

As St. Matthew's expands, I am excited to see the potential in this school and these children. They are all enthusiastic about learning and bring a lot of energy to the campus.

King's Mountain kids started a few weeks ago, with new classes and a handful of new friends. The kids there are so fun and calm. The new school principal, and former site director, has amazing methods for keeping kids focused and learning. I love watching the teachers work there. Our school theme will be environment! I'm stoked to learn science songs for the kids.

Church is great. It's definitely one of my favorite parts of the week. The choir members will be meeting up for the first time since Memorial Day this Thursday evening. I am really glad I have the opportunity to develop my conducting skills with this choir. They're growing so much - it goes to show you that you never stop learning and improving. We have members from ages 20 to 80!

I'm also proud to announce I'm going to be a music director for a show in Pacifica! It's been ten years since I performed in this particular show, and it's a blast to be working on it from the other side - Seussical the Musical! I have many fond memories of being a Sour Kangaroo and Bird Girl with my old friends, many of whom I am still in close contact with! A reunion party may be in order.

- LM

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