Friday, February 6, 2015



I had a great lesson (after about 6 months hiatus from the traditional "voice lesson") with New Teacher, who is GOOD FRIENDS with Previous Teacher! And Previous Coach! I love it, love it, love it. I felt like I got an opera "check-up" with a clean bill of health. She and I worked on rethinking my support. I replaced some tension areas with new thoughts on breathing. I hadn't realized how tight I had been getting in my jaw until it was UN-TIGHT. It felt wonderful...

I had a really lovely audition in LA for SongFest (for which New Teacher teaches). I'm hoping and praying for acceptance (and maybe scholarship?) to the teaching track program, which would be fabulous. 

CoOperative also offered me another spot this year. I need to hold my breath for a little while, until I hear from SongFest. I think it's best if I only do one summer program, though I would love to be in musical workshops for the WHOLE summer. If only, if only... (sheesh, and Westminster has choral conducting and Kodaly workshops I would also love to attend... hmmm).

The good part is, I am still young. The bad part is, I am young, and therefore not a millionaire (yet? eh...).

On my audition trip last week, I saw THREE of my best friends, how exciting is that! And a crazy FOURTH best friend drove all the way down to LA from Sacramento to sneak off to Disneyland on Saturday. Heeheehee. But I had to wear my glasses because I LOST MY CONTACT ON SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!

I have been offered a position directing a church choir in Half Moon Bay. I'm embarking on a VERY new journey with that one... I'm trying it. Dippin' my toes in to see what happens! I feel like I know NOTHING, and yet, I know that (oh, gosh...) 15 years of experience singing in choirs must do something. The two voice degrees shouldn't hurt, either. And it's Half Moon Bay... not the worst place to work every Sunday!

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