Monday, January 26, 2015

January 2015

Really.... it's January 2015!?! When did that happen?

I auditioned for the CoOperative program again. Next week I will be auditioning for SongFest in Los Angeles. I'm very excited to get to go down to the Colburn School and view their facilities. I'm also very excited to say I am going to try to start lessons with a new teacher very soon. It is needed...

I have met some wonderful people in the past few weeks. I have also reconnected with a lot of old friends. While I don't want to neglect my singing, the social life I have been living has definitely been a welcome distraction!

I am happy to say that I am blessed with amazing friends, and that I am incredibly joyful to be doing the work I am doing here in the Bay Area.

My kids are all becoming so musical. They have a very good grasp on singing, and what it means to interpret music. Children are often underestimated as artists, but we need to find ways they can bring their own view to the music.

Utilizing some of the skills from the last CoOperative program into my lesson plans for children has been an interesting and exciting endeavor. They love doing the Dynamic Presence activities that I learned from Sean McCarther. It was even more exciting to learn that my friend and colleague at University of Wisconsin is teaching these same activities to his college music students.

As more information comes my way, I shall update this blog. Until then, au revoir!

A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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