Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Counting the hours, watching the funds...

So it's only a few more days (seriously, DAYS) until classes get out... I can't wait. Symphonic is performing Elijah this weekend. It's alright I guess. Slave-o-phonic Scream Fest. But, it is a great opportunity for student soloists (of course, I didn't bother to audition. Stupid me.)

Then one week of classes, Sweeney Todd performances (Drew will be an awesome Sweeney and I'll be backstage for special effects make-up/costume emergencies/emotional break downs), and finally juries and finals. Whew.

BUT after all that is done, I'm home for 10 days to California! Soaking up sun... Eating Mexican food... Boating (hint, hint, Dad...) and loving life.  :)

Of course, it will be short-lived and I will have to come back to work and to do CoOPERAtive... and watch my bank account dwindle (I just sent them $1000... good-bye shopping sprees). [P.S. You can STILL contribute to my Go Fund Me account, visit] Then three solid weeks of opera coaching, master classes, recitals, private yoga, Alexander Technique sessions, and a recording session! Yes - I will give CDs to friends and family when I get them.

Okay. Almost time to go to Scream-o-phonic *ahem* Symphonic Choir. Ciao!

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