Friday, March 1, 2013

Opportunities, Auditions, Risks and Benefits!

Friday night is just another night on a Westminster Choir College schedule. Normally, I'd be looking forward to a glass of wine and some pizza about now, but with Westminster it seems there's never a weekend break! That's a good thing... I think... Tonight I'm rehearsing Hoffmann again. Last week was the staging rehearsals, a little rougher than I had expected, without opportunities to musically rehearse with anyone else in the cast before staging... BUT the work being done by everyone in the cast is fantastic.

Last Saturday I left the rehearsal a bit early to rush to the Princeton Junction and catch a train into NYC for the audition for the summer program my voice teacher teaches at in Houston, TX. The audition process is always a little jarring, especially when New York is pouring rain. Luckily, the boyfriend came with me and auditioned as well! It makes the task of traipsing around in the rain a little more fun. These New York rehearsal spaces fascinate me! They're always bustling with people of all kinds, from classical singers, dancers, even Broadway stars (Newsies was having a rehearsal right across the hall).

Though I don't know the results of Saturday's audition yet, I feel really great about it (and Drew's too!). It was a great opportunity to sing for conductor/coach Ted Taylor. Nova was happy and that's really what counts! :) The best part was leaving the audition, Nova stops to hug me - then tell me I better not risk taking New Jersey Transit "in that dress!!!!" Haha. I felt like I chose the right outfit! And the heels to match.... little things I've learned from my voice teachers....

AND I was accepted again this year to the CoOPERAtive program here at Westminster - and this time offered a scholarship. I've planned to go ahead and do the program this summer. These types of Young Artist Development programs like Le Chiavi in Houston, and CoOPERAtive, offer young singers (usually between ages 20-30) opportunities to coach with world-renowned conductors, coaches, teachers, and singers from around the world. Many of the coaches who will be working with this year's programs have coached and sang at the Metropolitan Opera House and San Francisco Opera among others.

If it's possible to contribute a little to my tuition, even a few dollars, please visit

This summer, I feel, will prove to be a very exciting one!!

A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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