Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring Semester begins

Third week in and already things are crazy! I have rehearsals beginning this week for Tales of Hoffmann, for which I'll be sining the role of Antonia. The role is a beautiful heroine who, in fact, sings herself to death. I am pretty stoked about it.

Of course, like last semester, we had to postpone our first meeting due to the crazy weather here! We had a good snowstorm. It was absolutely beautiful. Less than 6" of snow, but that's enough to make the town of Princeton into its own little winter wonderland. The colonial style homes, and the quaint streets make for a very picturesque first winter on the East Coast. I do really love it here, and have no regrets about moving to Princeton. I've been so incredibly happy doing what I love. I have so much passion for everything I'm doing here. This is the one career that I truly feel I can embrace who I am. The artistry of performance, the nuance of the texts and languages, the science of the voice and the art of teaching. It's all rolled into one amazing experience that allows me to express not only who I am, but what composers and poets felt should be shared with humanity. The music, though occasionally born of a philosophy I do not subscribe to, still speaks to the humanist that I am and allow me to see humanity and people for the good and the love and the joy that they inspire. The beauty and the depth of the music takes away from the diatribe I so strongly fight against, so it helps me believe in what people can be.

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