Sunday, April 15, 2012

Official announcements

My check has been cashed by Rider University and Westminster Choir College. I will be moving to New Jersey for Fall 2012 to begin my Master's degree in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance, Performance Emphasis. I'm so excited to be making this huge move in my life, explore a little bit more of our country and learn a lot more about myself. I can't wait to make music with all the other wonderful students I know will be attending this school.

I just celebrated my 24th birthday by visiting the beautiful San Francisco Bay. I was so glad to spend a few days with the many people that I love, to enjoy a little fun, to make music with my vocal coach, and to have the honor of attending the last SF State Chamber Singer's concert for the year.

I will be singing in the chorus of the California Symphony in three weeks, adding another soprano voice to "Ode to Joy" from Beethoven's 9th Symphony in Livermore and Walnut Creek. I'm glad to have another opportunity to sing with David Xiques, Will Skaff, and Vance George (AND all of University Chorus and Chamber Singers) before I bid adieu to California!!!

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A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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