Thursday, March 29, 2012

Film Review: Mozart's Sister

This 2010 film just recently became available via Netflix. It is a fantastic exploration of the young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's older sister. While the film has many historical inaccuracies regarding the family Mozart, they accurately explore the confines of life as a woman in the 18th century. The young Nannerl (Maria-Anne Mozart) faces the criticism and scrupulous attitude of their father, Leopold Mozart. The young but determined young woman begins composing and teaching music despite her father's belief that women are not capable of achieving musical success. The costumes and sets are extraordinary. The film has special permissions to film within the real Palace of Versailles. For those interested in the complicated web of the affairs of French Aristocracy, there are plenty of highlights of that, as well. Only warning? Be prepared for 3 hours of subtitles.

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