Sunday, November 20, 2011

Admissions Essay - Life Objectives Perspectives...

I've been applying to Graduate Schools all over the country in hopes that I can further my education, make a name for myself, become a hardcore University Professor (and then be a Cougar Professor when I am 40). But having to state all my life's goals in 500+ words has proven to be quite a challenge. I want a little of everything... but it's looking like I'm going to have to grow up to be a workaholic no matter what. (I guess that's not too far of a stretch). If you want to read a little more into who I am, please feel free... (Feedback is also welcome)

The combination Pedagogy and Performance Program is an ideal match for my academic pursuits. I hope to have a chance to work with younger singers one-on-one through the program and to learn how to become a great teacher by studying under highly skilled musicians; however, I do not wish to neglect my  own performance skills while doing so. Many other programs do not allow the same opportunities to study the pedagogy of voice as well as performance.  Actively performing while in school is also important to me, as it will help me build skills that I can later pass on as a teacher. The Performance and Pedagogy programs seems like one that will help me develop the professional career I hope to build.
    By studying music at the graduate level in a well-established conservatory setting, I plan to gain performance experience as well as technical skills to make music a full time career. While I am currently working as a music teacher, which is a great experience, my goal is to transition into teaching music and voice at the college and University level. After earning my Master's degree I will seek a pre-professional program, so that I can perform more full roles and gain hands-on experience as a musician. My ultimate objective is to teach at the college level, while maintaining an active performing schedule. 
    Eventually, with my degree and more experience, I dream of creating and developing more educational outreach for classical music in public schools. Having attended public schools, and now working for them as a teacher, I have noticed a lack in familiarity with the arts and significant discrepancies in musical literacy. I would like to use my musical knowledge, love of opera, and passion for education to begin introducing Middle and High School students to classical singing and musical skills. Having studied Kodaly methodology during my Undergraduate program, I realize high school students and younger should be introduced to musical literacy in schools before college, rather than only in the private lesson or private arts school setting. I hope to someday bring expand the current arts programs in public schools and advocate for heavier emphasis on creative and fine arts in elementary through high schools around my home community and California.
    By completing a graduate degree, I plan on expanding musical knowledge so that I can reach out, not only within my own community, but to begin more programs for younger students dreaming of having their own singing careers. Working as a college or university level instructor would allow for recruiting to high schools and emphasizing the importance of musical integrity through Master-class style workshops. I currently work closely with several small opera companies who are making efforts to perform for the community and local schools, trying to make opera more accessible to the general public. Making art accessible to everyone is an important aspect of being a performer and to really give people the chance to understand my passion for the arts, I need to be the best performer I can be. 

A Busy Singer is a Happy Singer

The days tick on, and although it's January, Springtime is rolling in! Not just green trees and wild flowers, but the spring opera seaso...

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